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The Laughing Dead

Years Active 2013 to present

Genre Indie, Pop, Rock

Members Neale - Guitar/Vocals, Jason - Bass, Dolly - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Swamp Rock/Cow Punk



Neale Price


Obsessed with playing and performing original music with the occasional cover "The Laughing Dead" arose from the swamp rock/cowpunk ashes. As a band member from "The Daltons" and "Egg" in Brisbane in the early 80's Neale decided that years later as the swamp fog lifts, this unique style of Australian music long needed resurrecting. Dolly and Jason agreed and "The Laughing Dead" were born. Several songs from this era are included in any live set. The song "Bones of the Laughing Dead" comes from this time and influenced the band's name.



Career Highlights

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Shared Members With

Egg, The Daltons (Brisbane)

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