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The Love Junkies

Years Active 2009 - Present

Genre Indie, Rock

Members Mitch Mcdonald Robbie Rumble Lewis Walsh

Describe Your Sound

Definitely very 90s influenced and grabbing a lot of sounds from all over. from late 60’s soul grooves, delta blues all the way up to punk and hardcore bands of today.



Mitch and Lewis met in high school and played in a few high school bands before we decided we'd just be a 2 piece. After a few years of that it was pointed out to us that we really should get a bass player. We thought it best to take our best mate from high school Robbie who was at all the shows anyway. We then reformed as a new band with new songs and it sort of went from there.


British India, Foam, Mudlark, Flowermouth, Puck, The Novocaines, Birds of Tokyo, Man the Clouds, Vascoe Era, Papa vs Pretty, Band of Skulls, Emprerors

Career Highlights

Big Day Out, In the Pines, Groovin the moo, Southbound, getting to tour Australia with British India but pretty much all the shows we play are a highlight for one reason or another.

Current Activity

Just about to release our debut album on the 8th of June and then go on our own national tour. then come back and do a tour with Grinspoon

Shared Members With

none really. this has been our first and foremost band. Mitch played with Sonpsilo Circus and Puck for a while. But its hard enough to find time for one band with work and whatnot. Maybe down the track we'd like to branch out.

Releases by The Love Junkies

Ep​/​Crying Rhymes


Dec 2012




Nov 2012




Jun 2013


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