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The Meeck

Years Active 2013

Genre Folk, Indie, Rock

Members Shane Khin

Describe Your Sound

Weaving around the lyrics, my music lends from a variety of sounds. Blending folk/acoustic, rock and orchestral scores.
Some songs are vocally driven with just a acoustic guitar, while others making you wonder if you have just fallen into a chaotic dream sequence.



I started writing songs as a kind of therapy. It helped me to deal with what was happening in my life, as well as helping me to understand the world we live in.


my local influences were Jake and the Cowboys, Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe

Career Highlights

Im very new to the scene, but my to highlights so far was playing at The Rosemount and doing a garden show in the city with Paul Clifford (Canadian Idol finalist)

Current Activity

At the moment Im doing alot of gigs to play to as many different people as possible. Im also working on finishing my album and filming the clip for my first single "Leaving".