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The Methamphetaqueens

Years Active 2013-Present

Genre Rock, Indie, Experimental

Members James Dylan Leo Downsborough Stewart Martin Ben Bartholomew

Describe Your Sound

“Come for the surf grooves, stay for the soul-ache”

A blend of styles ranging from jazz to grunge, and from post-rock to dance.



James Dylan


All 4 members played with/around each other in local bands for years. Eventually they all joined forces, after the first incarnation of the singles "Girls" was recorded by James Dylan (with Leo Downsborough on drums) in 2013.


Career Highlights

Current Activity

The debut, almost self-titled album METH AM PHETA QUEENS has just been released. The band has started to gig behind this album to promote it.

Shared Members With

The Love Junkies The Cult of Addiction Special Brew Filthy Apes Stopmotion Wrongtown Grudge Baby

Releases by The Methamphetaqueens

METH AM PHETA QUEENS [Independent] 2015