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The Methamphetaqueens

Years Active 2012-2013

Genre Rock, Pop, Indie

Members Dylan Monk Stewart Martin Leo Downsborough Ben Craig-Wadham

Describe Your Sound

The nosiest pop, or the poppiest noise-rock? You decide.
Blending a myriad of styles, with a modern lo-fi aesthetic and a classic songwriting sensibility, The Methamphetaqueens are simply out to make a piece of the musical world their own, and forge a unique sound.



The 4 members of the band all came from separate local bands, and had all at one stage either been in the same band as each other, or gigged with each other in different bands. When the 4 joined to form The Methamphetaqueens, they were already familiar with each other's styles, and the chemistry was quick to develop.


Whilst The Methamphetaqueens itself is a new outfit, members of the group have in other bands shared the stage with local talent such as The Chemist, Sugar Army and Gombo.

Career Highlights

Releasing their self-funded debut EP, "The Girls EP".

Current Activity

The band is currently working on it's first full-length release. Whilst the focus is primarily writing and demoing, the band is also making efforts to broaden it's fanbase through self-promotion, to gain some hype in the lead up the the next album. There is a tentative late '13/early '14 release date in mind.

Releases by The Methamphetaqueens

The Girls EP