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The Neurocyantists

Years Active 2 together, 15 and 5 individually

Genre Dance

Members Matt Toyne & Greg Hamann

Describe Your Sound

Liquid neuro future hop………………………………………….. drum and bass



Matt Toyne & Greg Hamann


Old friends started producing together


metalheads, timeless, signature, BBK, hospital, etc etc etc

Shared Bills With

Dose, Calibre, Mampi Swift.

Career Highlights

Paint Party @ Flawless Subiaco. Greg toured with Mampi Swift over in Sydney.

Current Activity

Finalising album atm looking to sign. Had an EP deal lined up but due to our record producer man having personal issues that is up in the air atm :P We dont have any yet. Just heaps of finished and nearly finished tunes we think worthy enough to grace ears of loving listeners :P

Shared Members With

Total Harmonic Control (Matt) Affiliate (Greg)