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The Surf Mist

Years Active 2013

Genre Rock, Dance, Roots

Members Steve Mancini Gareth Hancox Elio Mancini Lewis Mavarontonis

Describe Your Sound

Upbeat Retro Surf Garage Rock Shimmy with quirky organs, mainly instrumental in the vain of the Ventures.



Steve Mancini


Friends and cousins in the house of the mist.


Dom Mariani - The Stems, DM3, Majestic Kelp James Baker - The Scientists, Hoodoo Gurus

Shared Bills With

The Day of the Dead Dom Mariani & the Majestic Kelp Catazilla

Career Highlights

Performing for RTRFM Harbour Side Maritime Museum Show in 2016

Current Activity

Just released new EP - Swingin' Sisters

Shared Members With

Splinta, The Levels, Rockin Hendy, Majestic Kelp

Releases by The Surf Mist

Swingin' Sisters