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Years Active 2014-present

Genre Roots, Rock, Reggae

Members David king Dred - Vocals/Keys/Secondary Percussion Ian Norris - Drums Chris Jones - Rhythm Guitar, Trumpet , Sax Nate Kesa - Bass Neil James D'Costa - Organ Chris Delcasale - Lead Guitar

Describe Your Sound

Authentic Roots Rock Reggae capturing the old school sound of the 70s with a touch of jazz and modern era flavour.





Through the love of reggae music and its message.


Crucial Rockers, NGATI, SOULJAH CAPTIVE, The Komichi Alliance

Shared Bills With

Etna, Black Slate, Dizzy Dee, NGATI, The U-Nites, One Love ft Danny Pash, Citizen, Jah Era, General Justice, DJ Simba, Mumma Trees, Doughboy, Headliner Beats, Dj Blaqknight, H-Mut, Simmo T, Upfront, Scarborough Rastas, The Bambuseae Rhythm Section, Ruby May, Desert Sonnes, Sarah Gamble Band, Noah Dillon, Salami, Gamba, THE U-NITES, Gaspar Sanz, Mal de Mer, Dr. Sweets, The Davs, KIMURA, The Milkmen, Moorditj Brothers, Kings and Queens, DJ - THE CONSCIOUS ONE, BEN CATLEY, BAREFOOT SOJOURNS, Ruby May & The Chakra Khans, Demon Days, Brassika

Career Highlights

Getting invited to play for RTR's winter music festival in 2017

Current Activity

Working on recording on a debt album to be released mid 2018