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Years Active 2004-2006

Genre Indie, Electronic

Members Ben Sutton Harvey Rae Pat Giles

Describe Your Sound

Beats, synths, huge guitars, keyboards and the voice of Ben Sutton combined for a sound best described as “indietronica” although the big, Sigur Ros guitars had a knack for creating a “wall of sound”.



Formed as part of the 2004 Deuce presents Jigsaw series which saw local electronic producers team with songwriters, instrumentalists and singers, producer Pat Giles worked with songwriter Harvey Rae and singer Ben Sutton to create something unique on the Perth scene.


Postal Service, Sigur Ros, Mum, Bjork

Career Highlights

Winner - WAM Song Of The Year 2005, category: Electronic/Dance for the song "We Gave Colour Away"

Current Activity

Whilst the band split in 2006, Pat Giles and Harvey Rae now perform together in the band True Science, occasionally even playing "We Gave Colour Away"

Shared Members With

True Science, Life Project, Freak Radicals, Druid Lee Roth, Professor Hush, Lee Harvey, Plastik Scene, Vive Oldham, Upperdeck

Releases by Thread

We Gave Colour Away

Sensei Sound


Deuce Presents Jigsaw

Sensei Sound


Pedestal/Fake It Split AA side w/ Electric Limosine

Sensei Sound