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Years Active 2018

Genre Pop, Rock, Dance

Members Trevalene Weiser

Describe Your Sound

Trevi is pop rock at its finest.



Trevalene Weiser


I decided to go solo for the first time in my musical career. I have been playing music for many years. Back in 1990 i was in a band with my friend from school Rebecca O'Brien, we were called 'Black Milk' and had a following at the Harboside in Fremantle. We played there every Wed night, for free, with Linsey Welles, Ben Franz and Reg Zar. Rebecca left to go travelling and i teamed up with Leona Gibbons to form 'Wabbit'. We played alot around town and even were the support to 'Take That' at the entertainment centre. Around the same time, we played at the Seaview in Freo and Mojos. Phil Stephens used to manage us and we got alot of show around town supporting other famous people like 'the Whitlams', 'Kate Cebrano' 'Vicki and Linda Bull'. It was then i saw a guy busking on the street and wanted him in my band. So John Butler joined us in 'Wabbit' and we used to play for $3 every Tuesday at Mojos Bar in North Fremantle. It used to be packed out every Tuesday night. Rebecca O'Brien eventually returned from her travels and i quit 'Wabbit' and joined with her to form 'Pussy Galour'. We still played with John Bulter every Tuesday at Mojos and did alot of support shows around town thanks to Phil Stephens who was our unofficial helper. We supported and played with the best of the best including Spearhead and eventually changed our name to 'The Honeyriders' as we couldn't get a grant with 'Pussy Galour' and other folk acts wouldn't play with us. After 2 albums and a few tours around Australia we called it a day at our CD launch at the Fremantle Arts Centre. I ended up travelling the world ever since and came back to WA to form 'The Dashleys' with members of Oats Supply. We released a single called 'The Water' and played a few gigs until now i am currently in San Francisco with my husband and 2 girls. Only this year as a NYE resolution i decided to go Solo and record, produce, write, and play on all tracks. I use garage band for the first time, choose a beat then the rest comes. So here i am, TREVI the solo (solo as it can get) performer.


The National, the Pixies, Arcade Fire

Career Highlights

Supporting Take That at the Entertainment Centre to 8000 screaming teenage Fans

Current Activity

Now recording in living room a mini EP/album