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W∆lla C

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Electronic, Rap, Hip-Hop

Members Wallace Carvalho

Describe Your Sound

W∆lla C combines brazilian music with boom bap beats, synths, some textures and percussion, diverse influence from funk, jazz  and afrobeat.



Wallace Carvalho


W∆lla C is an MC/Beatmaker born in Rio de Janeiro, now resident in Perth WA. Producing beats for over 2 years , he draws from diverse influences such as jazz, funk, glitch, lo-fi beats, afrobeat, brazilian folk, amongst others.


Influences from local producers and Djs. New and old school hip hop, boom bap beats. Brazilian music, funk and afrobeat.

Career Highlights

Always between your sound production/design course and your music, W∆lla C has been active with beats, frequently performing at the Beat Lounge, which happen almost every month at the Bird.

Current Activity

Recently released, "TamborimOdyssey", his first EP, consists of six instrumental tracks combining rap beats, traditional brazilian music, synths, and textures. The work implies a suave atmosphere with accoustic guitars, percussion and striking samba rhythms. The tambourine is a unique samba instrument of African origins. Its distinctive syncopated sound weaves between hi hats and bass drums, establishing a junction and a concept, thus it deserves a special mention visible in the title of the EP.

Releases by W∆lla C

Odyssey EP