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Wooly Mammoth

Years Active 2016 - Now

Genre Indie, Rock

Members Jon Stapleton - Vocals, keys, guitar Christian Zappia - Vocals, guitar Andrew Eyres - Bass, vocals Josh Wright - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Indie, dream rock band Wooly Mammoth are a four piece from Perth, they will enchant you and whisk you away to your own personal dreamscape.
Fresh from the studio, their singles ‘Catcher In The Rye’ and ‘Made To Fall’ are alluring and unforgettable. With dreamy melodies, soothing vocals and catchy lyrics, Wooly Mammoth leave you craving more.



Kayleigh Lockett, Nick Cook,


Jon and Andrew had gone to high school together, once he graduated Jon went on to WAAPA, where he met Christian and Josh who both also had a passion for performing. The four worked so well together that they formed the dream, rock band Wooly Mammoth.


The 1975 Big Scary Last Dinosaurs Tame Impala

Shared Bills With

Harts Andy Bull Lake Louise Demon Days Michael Dunstan Noah Dillon Fuzz Toads Grace Armstrong Sascha Seabourne Jeremy Segal The Hunting Birds

Career Highlights

Arrival Double Single Launch - 28th of April, 2017
Urban Jungle Festival - 5th of March, 2017
Supported The Hunting Birds on their regional WA tour, 2017
Debut single 'Running Circles' landed 5th on 89.7 Live and Locals top songs of 2016

Current Activity

Wooly Mammoth are back in the studio recording another single which will be released during July, also working on an EP which will be released towards the end of 2017.

Shared Members With

Josh Wright - drummer for Wooly Mammoth is also the drummer for Lake Louise

Research conducted by: Kayleigh Lockett

Releases by Wooly Mammoth

Running Circles



Arrival Double Single (Made To Fall & Catcher In The Rye)