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Years Active 2009-2012

Genre Indie, Experimental

Members Katie Malajczuk Brian Green Raymond Grenfell Peter M. Kelly Gerard Richard Eames Michael Gattinger Hayley Jane Ayers

Describe Your Sound

Loud rhythms and explosive noise.



In 2009 Brian, Katie and Ray began jamming at the Kurb art space with performance artist and Filipino musician Diokno Pasilan. The project didn't last but the three of them continued to jam and with the addition of Katie's bro Peter, Zeks were born. Guitarists changed and soon there was the addition of violin and the weird beast that was Zeks continued to grow.


Lots of diverse sounds, from post rock to heavier stuff.

Career Highlights

Playing with Cuba Is Japan and Novia Scotia while touring in Melbourne, playing our back yard at the inaugural Yardstock and many, many other things.

Current Activity

Zeks broke up in early 2012, few of the members still play in local bands but there are murmurs of projects to come.

Shared Members With

Blac Blocs Oh You Pretty Things! Timothy Nelson and The Infidels Usurper of Modern Medicine

Releases by Zeks

Z - K - EP

2011 Independent