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Years Active 2015-present

Genre Punk/Hardcore

Members Lee Jenkins (vocals) Kenta McGrath (bass) Predrag Delibasich (guitar) Drummers come and go...

Describe Your Sound





Four friends wanted to make music together


Every single piece of music we ever heard

Shared Bills With

Too many to remember

Career Highlights

Being invited to play Gonerfest when we only had 5 songs.
Releasing our first album overseas.
Touring the US in 2016.
Playing Gonerfest 2016.
Recording a live session on WFMU.

Current Activity

New EP coming out May 2017 on Almost Ready Records in New York, recording the new album mid-2017

Shared Members With

Soviet Valves, Bamodi, Smrts, Night Signals, Trevallys, Atolah, Tigers, Wind Waker, Water Temple, Blow Up, Ducks on a String...

Releases by Zerodent

Zerodent/Alien Snatch Records/2016/