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Years Active 2013 - current

Genre Experimental

Members Drew Woolley, Shaun Woof

Describe Your Sound

With influence ranging from the carnage of The Birthday Party, the
subtlety of OM, the beauty of Sigur Ros, and the forms of Karlheinz
Stockhausen, Zyklus aim to achieve a distinctly ‘grey’ sound, comprised
of harsh dissonance, raw and minimal instrumentation, embedded melody,
and often violent gestures, all in the context of rather spacious forms.
Lyrically, thematic material can be bleakly evocative, incorporating
opaque metaphor, and reference to the cheerless Mundane, with some level
of black humor.



Shaun Woof and Drew Woolley met on the 296 bus from Perth's Esplanade busport to Kalamunda. After firmly establishing a mutual fascination with the 'diz', Zyklus soon embarked on a spree of formidable gigs throughout Perth.


The Birthday Party, Indian, Karlheinz Stockhausen, OM, Sigur Ros, Mastadon, Grails, Agamous Betty, Billy Woods.

Shared Bills With

Ducks on a String, Sprawl, Agamous Betty (and the Gothic Circus), Mind Canary, Hello Colour Red, Chris Arnold, Josten Myburgh, Like Junk, Shit Narnia, Sam Gillies, Henry Gillett.

Career Highlights

Conceptualizing, improvising and recording Clarence's Monologue within a
2-3 hour time frame.
Destroying a violin bow, a guitar lead and a capo from one singular
gesture whilst performing Theme Park.
Inviting Josten Myburgh to feature on saxophone on Theme Park.
Club Zho 110 at the Bakery with Sam Gilllies and Henry Gillett.
Performing to a small group of aging poets in a tax office.

Current Activity

Zyklus are currently mastering their debut single, Seven Moments/Seventh Moment.

Shared Members With

Empire of Ants. Batch.

Releases by Zyklus

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