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Some 309,000 people over the age of 15 listen to RTRFM in any given month – that’s around 17% of Perth’s over 15 year olds (McNair Ingenuity, July 2019).

5.8 million

5.8 million people over the age of 15 listen to community radio in Australia each week for an average of 15.4 hours.  (McNair Ingenuity, July 2017).

15 Hours per week

Regular RTRFM listeners tune in for an average of around 15 hours a week. A further 388,000+ people in Perth over the age of 15 have listened to RTRFM at some point during a given week.

15-100 years old

Due to the diversity of programming across RTRFM’s grid, our listeners range from 15 to 100 year of age, depending on the program. However, during weekday programs, most listeners are aged between 15 and 39 years old.

These listeners cite the specialist programs, local information, music and RTRFM’s ‘non-commercial sound’ as the primary reasons they tune in to RTRFM.

40,000 hits, 2,500 listening online, 8,500 subscribers

Each week, attracts around 40,000 hits, with around 2,500 people listening to RTRFM via online live streaming and re-streaming functions. Just under 8,500 people receive our weekly Off Your Dial e-news, which showcases the best of what’s on around Perth, station news, events and special content.

Strong presence on social media

As of May 2020, RTRFM has over 21,500 Facebook followers, 11,000+ Twitter followers and over 12,300 Instagram followers.