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Having problems with our new audio player?

We’ve recently changed the way we support listening to audio on the site and it’s possible there’s a glitch somewhere…

Please let us know if you notice any issues and we’ll do our best to fix them. If you could provide any details, such as what audio you were trying to listen to, that will really help in us tracking down the problem.

Please note: Our re-stream only goes back five weeks. We would love to give you every show forever to keep the quality high and not to overload our server we have a limit.


For The Geeks...

We recently changed our audio player to use HTML5 audio rather than Flash. In general, this works better and allows you to seek ahead in the audio without buffering. If you're getting issues with pausing or seeking audio, and your browser supports Flash, you can switch to the Flash player which you may find works better.

Note that for browsers that don't support HTML5 audio, or don't support Flash, that changing this setting has no effect.

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