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Benjamin Witt | Taila Jackson

Benjamin Witt – Musician

Ben Witt is one of Perth’s most loved musicians.

An artist with complete mastery over his instrument, Ben’s work combines angular noise with harmonic beauty; syrupy melodies with otherworldly sounds. Drawing inspiration from all corners of the globe and creating music that is unique and wonderful, Ben Witt has worked in his own bands, as a solo artist and also alongside other Australian and International artists.

Ben’s latest project is the Sleepy Jackson’s new album, which is tantalisingly close to completion.

Taila Jackson – Participant

My name is Taila and I love cinematography and photography and how they all tell a different story. I’m 16 which means I love music. I try to listen to a lot of different artist some of them which include; Storm the Sky, Virtual Roit, Jon Bellion and the Chainsmokers just name few. I love to draw and design my own pieces of art like using watercolour, charcoal and for bigger projects spraypaint. I love tattoos and listen to the stories that go with them. As most teenagers would say that they’ve had a hard life and I don’t like to say that’s me butI know it’s true. Feeling like I was lost in this world I thought knew so much about, art helped me though the times I felt so low, when I had no one to talk to but the voices that ran though my head. Using the arts the past few years made me appreciate the world around me and made me the happy person I am today.

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