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Slightly Odway

3rd July 2019

Slightly Odway: Mark McGlue V Eurogliders

“It was nostalgic and beautiful – I love it” Mark McGlue recalled the first time he heard Eurogliders […]

26th June 2019

Slightly Odway: Segue V Ben Witt

“I’ve always wanted an excuse to cover this song, it’s one of my favourite local songs […]

19th June 2019

Slightly Odway: Ursula V The Panics

“As soon as Tyler said we should do it it was kind of like woah!” Before […]

13th June 2019

Slightly Odway: Mathas v The Panics

“There’s something about this song that just feels like a moment in time” Mathas swung by […]

5th June 2019

Slightly Odway: Cuss V Doctopus

“Double Dog Days – I love this album! It’s probably one of my heavy rotations in […]

22nd May 2019

Slightly Odway: Nika Mo V Jacob Wylde

‘I’ve had a music crush on him since I was 13’ Thirteen-year-old version Annika Moses, aka […]

15th May 2019

Slightly Odway: The Money War V Camarano

“It was so hard to choose because he’s got really good songs. When I saw him […]

8th May 2019

Slightly Odway: Rinehearts V Zerodent

“They’re just a good band. It’s kind of cool to do something current as well. We […]

1st May 2019

Slightly Odway: Ghost Care V Tame Impala

“I just found it was a hidden gem – it’s a really short song, but we’ve […]

24th April 2019

Slightly Odway: Abbe May V The Kill Devil Hills

“I think this is one of the most iconic Australia songs ever written – I know […]

17th April 2019

Slightly Odway: Hip Priest V Pat Chow

“Pat Chow is one of our all time favourite bands. It was really easy for us […]

Slightly Odway: Grace Barbe V Galloping Foxleys

11th April 2019

Slightly Odway: Grace Barbe V Galloping Foxleys

“We’re secret fans of Galloping Foxleys and love the music, especially the track we’re going to […]

4th April 2019

Slightly Odway: Gazey V Noah Dillon

“It’s this amazing piece of raw expression – It just feels so good” It was high […]

3rd April 2019

Slightly Odway: Pat Chow V Tucker B’s

“Sometimes you hear a band and you’re like that’s how you do it – I just […]

28th March 2019

Slightly Odway: Salary V The Triffids

“There’s been quite a few … but no ones done Wide Open Road yet so we […]