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Become a Business Discounter

RTRFM is Perth’s leading independent radio station. We have approximately 109,000 unique listeners per week.

As a Subscriber Discounter all we ask is that you provide our subscribers with an exclusive benefit or a minimum of 10% discount off your goods and services.


  • Include your business on our website via the Business Discounters page. This will allow you to promote your business to RTRFM listeners.
  • Run regular on-air and print campaigns promoting the Business Discounters page and driving listeners to this page on our website.
  • Promote the advantages of being part of the Business Discounters during our annual pledge drive, Radiothon. During Radiothon over 2000 people subcribe to the station by making direct contact via phone or via the website.


  • 16,000 hits on a weekly basis.
  • 1,800 people listen on-line on a weekly basis.
  • 7,000 people receive our E-Newsletter, Off Your Dial on a fortnightly basis.
  • Over 500 people subscribe via on-line methods.

For more details contact our Development Managers, Rhian Todhunter or Renee Pole,  or complete the form on this page to become part of our Business Directory.

Become a Business Discounter Form

Submit details of your business to be included in the directory.

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