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Friday 27th May 2016

Black Mass


Bear witness to four hours of heavy extremity from four of the most confronting artists in Perth – BOLT GUN, DIRAC SEA, DROHTNUNG & SANZU.

Fremantle’s BOLT GUN deal in undulating waves of droning ambience and punishing, unrepentant black metal. Their second EP – last year’s Iron Surgeon – marries unsettling ambience with relentless explosions of ferocity in its 30 minute runtime, like an unholy concoction of David Lynch, Swans and Burzum. Live appearances from Bolt Gun are rare – this is something you don’t want to miss.

“Bolt Gun’s devotion to epic compositions and blending exhausting intensity with soothing calm promises a great experience” – LIFE IS NOISE

DIRAC SEA are a sleeper cell of immense talent. Their sole EP – the one-track, 20-minute Take Care of Yourself When Facing Fiends // Lest You Become a Fiend Yourself – oscillates brilliantly and subtly between introspective moments of floating ambience and immense of bursts of intoxicating dread. This is powerful, vital music, channeling the best parts of Deafheaven, Hope Drone and YOB into a focused, compelling sound that transcends genre.

“Dirac Sea’s tightly-executed drone-doom set is highlighted by the guttural ejaculations of their singer, whose bear-like physiognomy is clearly just right for the job.” – THE MUSIC

DROHTNUNG have spent the last ten years plumbing the depths of sonic depravity, and the sounds they’ve unearthed make for some of the most confronting listening of a lifetime. Drohtnung’s 2015 record – In Dolorious Sights – is a morbid, catastrophic collection – a veritable soundtrack to a journey through the River Styx. These are sounds not of this Earth; they are devastating, destructive and completely entrancing.

“Beneath the harsh, eardrum-grating hiss lies extremely emotive, powerful music.” – INVISIBLE ORANGES

“Both unsettling & beautiful, ripped raw & confrontationally naked.” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAG

SANZU are a stampeding behemoth of unmatched savagery, with a sound that’s earned critical praise from around the world. Their debut record – 2015’s Heavy Over the Home – recalls the fury of Gojira, striking with the force of a meteor. This is a band that demands your attention, that won’t let you turn away.

“Sanzu’s Heavy Over the Home is the kind of album that’s so weighty and forceful you feel as though you might be flattened just listening to it; it’s beyond marching elephants, it’s elephants marching on top of you.” – METALSUCKS

“Phenomenally heavy and utterly irresistible.” – NO CLEAN SINGING


8:00: DJ Kill & DJ Noctvn
8:20: Bolt Gun
9:00: DJ Kill & DJ Noctvn
9:20: Dirac Sea
10:00: DJ Kill & DJ Noctvn
10:20: Drohtnung
11:00: DJ Kill & DJ Noctvn
11:20: SANZU

WHAT: Black Mass
WHO: Bolt Gun, Dirac Sea, Drohtnung, Sanzu, plus Behind the Mirror & Critical Mass DJs
WHERE: Amplifier – 383 Murray Street, Perth
WHEN: Friday May 27
TICKETS: & Oztix

Time: 8pm
Venue: Amplifier Bar