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Fridey at The Hydey (PER)

Sunday 1 December – 8.00pm

Luna Leederville Outdoor Cinema

Followed by Q&A with filmmakers, musicians & industry gurus

“A place for scumbags and no-hopers who play rock’n’roll.”

The Hyde Park Hotel played a significant role in Perth’s local alternative music scene.

Fridey at the Hydey explores this piece of Perth music history, its rise and fall, its punks and local characters, and ultimate corporate takeover.  This documentary deals with the loss of culture in Perth at the hands of councils and globalisation, and reflects on a place that oddballs called home.

The Hydey became synonymous with punk rock, and although this left the pub with a particular reputation, Fridey at the Hydey chronicles the real story; not only the blood, sweat and tears that were poured into the The Hydey by its owners, employees, punters and the bands that played there, but also and most importantly, the love that they all still hold in their hearts for the “grotty little pub” that will live on beyond its regrettable demise.

Not Classified. 50 Minutes