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Lachlan Skipworth | Riva-Jean Lander


Lachlan Skipworth – Composer/Musician

The music of Australian composer Lachlan Skipworth has been described by Limelight magazine as featuring “bold, innovative textures, and compelling melody”. His individual and highly personal compositional language is coloured by three years spent in Japan, where his immersion in the study of the shakuhachi bamboo flute inevitably became a part of his muse. He has recently been awarded the coveted Paul Lowin prize for orchestral composition for his Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (2014), which was premiered by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra with whom he is currently composer-in-residence.

Riva-Jean Lander – Participant

Riva-Jean Lander is a first year Anthropology and Sociology student at the University of Western Australia, fascinated in how people experience the spaces they use. With a passion for social research and a curious and creative mind, she enjoys discovering and describing the beauty in everyday experiences. Visually capturing an artist in their studio through the medium of photography, and eliciting stories in conducting an interview, she hopes to gain and share insights of what creative spaces mean to the individual who uses it daily.

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