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RTRFM’s Local Music Hub is an attempt at telling the ongoing and enduring story of WA music.

We’re interested in the stories behind the music, and in providing the context and connections between artists, sounds, styles and scenes. We’d like this resource to enable exploration of the local music scene by creating links between content – we want to know what other bands you’ve played in, which local bands influenced your own musical journey, some of your career highlights, and where your music fits within the legacy of West Australian music.

Our ultimate goal is to provide content that people will care about and be interested in, and that will enable a deeper understanding of the local scene and facilitate a rewarding and in-depth exploration of the archives of local music history.

The idea is that the Local Music Hub will provide the opportunity for RTRFM to link to content surrounding current artists that will hopefully offer rich, meaningful interactions on the site. But in addition, we have the opportunity to tell the ongoing story of local music by creating profiles for past bands – hopefully with the goal of actually making some of the music that may have been lost along the way available again to those who are interested in it. In this way we hope to connect the lines of influence and create a richer dialogue about local music.


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