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National Contemporary Landscapes

National Contemporary Landscapes is a 10 part radio series focusing on Australian Contemporary Classical music.

National Contemporary Landscapes is produced by 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne, in collaboration with community radio stations from across the country. This includes members of the Fine Music Network: Artsound Canberra, Fine Music Digital Sydney, 4MBS Brisbane and 5MBS Adelaide.

These stations are joined by RTRFM Perth, 8CCC Alice Springs and Tenant Creek, 3KND Indigenous Radio Melbourne and Edge Radio Hobart.

RTRFM will broadcast the series from OCTOBER 3 from 11AM during the final hour of ARTBEAT and will broadcast all 10 episodes at this time for the next ten weeks.

The sixth episode in the series focuses on the Western Australian Contemporary Classic Music scene and features interviews with WASO’s Principal Conductor ASHER FISCH, TURA New Music’s Artistic Director TOS MAHONEY, WAAPA Graduate and ANU Classical Guitar student COURTNEY HILTON and Perth based Quartet VIOLA DANA.


The episode will also include a live performance from VIOLA DANA and features the music of Decibel, Courtney Hilton and WASO performing Two Memorials, composed by WA based James Ledger.

This exciting project sees diverse community radio stations from across our vast nation creating episodes about their communities to share with the world. These one hour episodes feature a wealth of local knowledge, exclusive recordings made for the series, interviews with musicians, composers, administrators and more.

With a genre as broad, diverse and difficult to define as Contemporary Classical music, this series aims to provide an introduction to listeners – a starting point. For more information and special content head to or follow us on Twitter @NCL_Radio.

With the generous support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation, this project has been over a year in the making.