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No Encore (Per, Aus)


NO ENCORE trailer from Blessed State Films on Vimeo.

Saturday, 6 December – 8:30pm

Luna Outdoor

West Australian experimental music ensemble Decibel embarks on a regional tour of the stateʼs southwest, taking their strange, sometimes confronting music to small towns and baffled locals who never saw it coming. Over a week, through a series of modest concerts and workshops, Decibel share their art and art-making with the small communities they visit. Some locals show enthusiasm, curiosity and open-mindedness, while others are confused, irritated or try not to fall asleep.

A Fellini-esque improvisation workshop held by the group treads a fine line between art and absurdity. One concert is effectively overrun by children who are let off their leashes by their bemused parents, steering the performance towards an unexpected path. During the tour some of the locals make no secret in ridiculing Decibelʼs art, and Decibel, in turn, make no secret in ridiculing theirs.

At turns insightful, bizarre and humorous, No Encore is a road movie and music documentary: a contemplation of the validity of forms of self expression; whatʼs meaningful, meaningless and whatʼs in between; and what happens when art is displaced from its comfortable natural habitat.

Running time: 78 minutes.
Produced and directed by Kenta McGrath.
This screening is a world premiere.

Adult – $17.50
Concession/RTRFM & Luna Subscribers – $14.50
Film begins at 8:30pm
Please note that this event does not allow free entry to RTRFM Gold/Platinum subscribers.