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Phil Walleystack | Geena Gill


Phil Walleystack – Musician

Phil Walleystack is one of Australia’s most admired entertainers. He inherits a performance tradition that pre-dates madern arts.

Raised in country Western Australia, he was taught his traditional songs, dance and how to survive in the bush by his elders.

All of his life, Phil has been on stage; in the limelight, always having to be the center of attention. At age 20, Phil followed his passion and dream to become an international artist. He moved to the city of Perth and enrolled into the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, then onto Sydney to study at the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Academy. It was here that Phil was introduced to many forms of dance and music, from traditional Aboriginal songs and dance from all over Australia to modern contemporary music and dance.

Geena Gill – Participant

My name is Geena Gill. I am a Year 11 student at Hampton Senior High School. I moved from Malaysia to complete my high school studies due to better educational opportunities and currently live here with my Aunt. My parents are back in Malaysia but we speak everyday and I go back to visit them during school holidays. At the moment my whole life revolves around study. I study way too much! If anyone finds me dead I can guarantee it’ll be at my desk with a book open front of me!

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