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How did you become involved at RTR?

People say it was by exchanging a large brown paper filled with cash with the producer of Looney Choons.

Both Flaunt and I deny this and there is no evidence to prove it.

What is the best thing about being involved with the station?

The generous 6 figure salary. Getting to play music with amazing DJ’s. Listeners calling at 3am and tell you they are digging the tunes

If stuck on Mars, what five albums could you not go without?

  • Paul Van Dyk – The Politics of Dancing


  • Mark Farina – Fabric 40


  • Moby – Play


  • Paul Van Dyk – The Politics of Dancing (in case the first copy broke)


  • Milli Vanilli’s Greatest Hits (Cassingle)

    If you could present a show that is not your own, which show would it be? Why?

Full Frequency – because it is just legendary and it is the show that first got me addicted to dance music; and

Saturday Jazz – because I grew up listening to this show every Saturday

What do you do in real life?

Wish I was Dj’ing. Work as an understudy in Adult Films and hang with the Maylands’ Massive (Kristie and my boys Eli, Carter and Ashton)