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Samm Coad-Ward


I’ve been tuning in to RTRFM since 1996, the old UWA days. Music is my therapy. I am an actress and model, an artist drawing in pastels, and I love cooking Asian / Australian cuisine. I feel honoured to be a part of the RTRFM radio family.

My favourite style of music is all things lounge, which covers a huge genre of styles, from deep based ambient, dub, chill house, to cruise remixed old classics, jazz and vaporwave. It’s a multi-layered, cleverly orchestrated genre I adore. I’m chuffed I have the opportunity to share with the folks out there.

How did you become involved in the station?

Some words of wisdom. as to how I became involve.
Step One: Take RTRFM radio announcer course
Step Two: Just do it! I took the dive and swam! I’m still alive and laughing with joy.

If stuck on Mars, what five albums could you not go without?

Anything with oxygen in it. Thoughts of St. Germaine, Mounika, Groove Armada… definitely George Michael and the legendary Billie Holiday, a ‘quiet star’.

What is the best thing about being involved in the station?

Being a sister of RTRFM’s family has many benefits. I particularly like the fact I get to draw with chalk on the school board, hang with like-minded music nuts and be myself without judgment.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you at RTRFM?

There’s been many little giggles … how long have you got? Strangeness … awaiting. Actually no I’m in way too much of a hurry.

If you could present a show other than your own, which would it be and why?

There are quite a few shows I would like to be introduced to. Wherever I fit in with the genre. Between the hours of 11am – 11pm.

What do you do in real life?

Is there such a thing? I’m a family lady first and foremost, in love with the ones that are closest to me. I find music mood evoking so it’s usually playing some where in home or car. It’s like having my own sound track to my life.
Oh! Kite flying and bike riding. Fresh is best.

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