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Radio Love Month: Here In Isolation

Throughout May, Perth community radio station RTRFM 92.1 is asking our listeners and community to show their love, and make a donation to the station during Radio Love Month: Here In Isolation.

RTRFM is a not for profit independent radio station which is funded by a community of listeners through subscriptions and donations. Radio Love Month is a chance for people to make a contribution, allowing our volunteers to continue producing high quality music and talks programming, 24 hours a day.

Like many people, we’re learning how to adapt to an unprecedented situation. As a result, RTRFM presenters have been working hard to create radio from their living rooms and bedrooms and kitchens, all across Perth. More than ever, this is radio made has been from your neighbourhood, by your community.

As we move back into live radio we ask for your help.

Over the last few weeks, RTRFM has lost close to a third of our operating revenue due to the cancellation of fundraising events like In The Pines and Neon Picnic. In the interest in protecting our community, it’s likely that many planned events won’t go ahead in the months to come. We have also seen the devastating effect that some restrictions have had on local business, many of which have been generous supporters of RTRFM. The resulting loss of sponsorship revenue has been difficult, but our sponsors remain our listeners, friends and businesses we will be proud to work with again when possible.

This is why support from our listeners is critical at the moment. By making a tax deductible donation during May you will help the station stay we recover and grow over the months to come.

We love sharing amazing music with you, so everyone that donates is invited to contribute to our Isolation playlist. Tell us about your favourite album, the amazing new track you’ve found, or a podcast you love, whatever you’ve been listening to while staying at home and it’ll be added to a massive ongoing playlist –  like making a mixtape that can be shared and enjoyed throughout an entire community.

The people you hear on RTRFM volunteer their time to share a love of great music, diverse  stories, and critical ideas. If you love the fact that independent community radio has existed in Perth for nearly 45 years, and want The Sound Alternative to continue to thrive, we’re asking you to donate whatever you can at

RTRFM is a registered charity, which means you can claim a tax deduction on any donation you make before the upcoming end of the financial year.