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RTRFM Social Impact Study

RTRFM has been proudly and passionately supporting local arts, music and culture since April 1, 1977.

In 2018, we have partnered with WA Council Of Social Services and Lotterywest to create our first ever Social Impact Study, a report that seeks to ask that most vital question…

What is the true impact of RTRFM?

We all love RTR-FM. It’s a unique and amazing radio station with fantastic programs presented by dedicated, passionate and talented broadcasters. We have incredibly strong support from our loyal listeners, funders, sponsors and other stakeholders. And we are a respected part of the WA media landscape that is highly regarded by our public broadcasting peers, industry academics and other media outlets. We also have an increasingly important presence in the online environment where we are reaching an ever-widening range of listeners and supporters.

We know this because we are part of it every day and every week. But how do we prove it? How do we demonstrate to ourselves and others that we are really making a difference? How much does the music industry benefit from what we do? How well do our programs raise awareness or lead to action on social issues? How much of a central role in the cultural life of WA do we really play? How much do our listeners (including those who randomly tune in from time to time) value what we do and how are they affected by listening to RTR-FM?

These are all questions we hoped to answer with the Lotterywest-funded social impact project that we are proud to present to you now. Have a read and perhaps a think about the ways in which RTRFM affects your life and the lives  of those around you. If you have something you’d like to add to the next report, email us here.


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