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Breakfast with Taylah

Weekdays 6am-9am

Breakfast with Taylah brings you the best of what’s happening in music, comedy, theatre, film and life in Perth, Western Australia, from 6-9am weekdays on RTRFM 92.1.

There’ll be in-depth interviews, regular guests and rambling conversations with interesting people from around the world and around the corner; plus a taste of the tunes you’ll hear across The Sound Alternative, covering all flavours and styles.


Mondays at 7.10: Squad Goals
A celebration of hobbies, clubs and oddities around Perth

Tuesdays at 7.10: The Land That Time Forgot
Local music history with wiley veteran Ross Chisholm

Fridays at 7.30: Movie Squad
Cinematic shenanigans with Tristan Fidler & Simon Miraudo


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Fri 2 Mar 2018 Listen


  • 00:34

    Every Friday on Breakfast with Caitlin we're joined by a guest for a special early morning party! Today it was Movie Squad and The Midnight Special's Tristan Fidler with a special tribute to Keanu Reeves.

    Tristan's Playlist:

    • Keanu Dialogue Intro
    • Rob Dougan - 'Clubbed To Death' - from The Matrix
    • Mark Isham - 'Skydive' - from Point Break
    • Robbie Robb feat. Marcus Wright - 'In Time' - from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
    • Big Pig - 'Breakaway' - from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
    • Ratt - 'Nobody Rides For Free' - from Point Break
    • Billy Idol - 'Speed' - from Speed
    • Mark Mancina - 'Rush Hour' - from Speed
    • Propellerheads - 'Spybreak' - from The Matrix
    • Le Castle Vania - 'Shots Fired' - from John Wick
    • Le Castle Vania - 'John Wick Mode' - from John Wick: Chapter 2
    • Rage Against The Machine - 'Wake Up' - from The Matrix
    • Kiss feat. Steve Vai guitar solo - 'God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II' from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
    • Keanu Dialogue Conclusion
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