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Burn The Airwaves

Thursdays 9pm-11pm

Punk is more than just music, it’s a subculture, an attitude and a way of life. It’s many things to many people and you’ll find it all on Burn the Airwaves.

Taking in classic sounds from garage rock, protopunk and outlaw country from the ’60s and ’70s, through glam-punk, classic late-70′s sounds from New York, London and beyond into the hardcore and DIY explosion of the ’80s, the ’90s pop punk renaissance and the birth of emo to what’s going on in the underground right now.

Burn the Airwaves sets your radio alight every Thursday night with a rowdy and raucous selection of snarling punk attitude and blistering musical frenzy.

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Thu 5 Oct 2017 Listen

Live in the studio, 4 of the best current Punk bands in Western Australia.

We have Chickspit and Naked Wizard from Bunbury joining Joanie Get Angry and new upstarts Donald Trumpets, all playing live in the studio. They have 20 minutes to blast you with their best songs before I throw them out and get the next band in!

Also inbetween, I'll squeeze in new material from Lionizer, Mitch Jones, Helta Skelta and my new faves BB Eye.


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