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Golden Apples of the Sun

Sundays 2pm-4pm

The Golden Apples of the Sun is your Sunday afternoon musical mind-excursion.

Each week different presenters curate unique personal journeys through psych-tinged realms, pastoral folk, glitch, lo-fi electronica, hauntology and hypnagogic pop.

Enjoy finding yourself transported to a world beyond time, where the past and future intermingle in sun-dappled hallucinogenic soundscapes of strange and beautiful music.

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Sun 11 Aug 2019 Listen

Creating our own little traditions is one of the things we like to do on the Golden Apples and one that commenced way back in 2012 is occasional ‘all local editions’ where we showcase some of the beautiful music of Western Australia to get your endorphins flowing and in the mood get out to venues to show your support for the hugely talented and creative musicians here in our splendid isolation. More at the blog. (photo credit: Rob Dose)


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