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Midnight Special

Thursdays 11-1am

A late night talk show that begins when midnight strikes.

Special guest/s will hang out live in studio, providing good chat and occasional performances between tunes. There’ll be a different host each week bringing their own experimental flourishes to the table, which includes pre-recorded audio of conversations, spoken word performances, fiction/non-fiction readings, stand-up comedy, and sound collages.

Forget sleep, stay up, listen in and take the Midnight Special.

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Thu 29 Jun 2017 Listen

Your host is Miko Watanabe and it's a great episode of late night chat with the theme of 'noise'! In the first hour, Miko talks live in studio with Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd (from Boys Boys Boys) cranking out some strange musical noises and snappy answers to our regular segments. Then further on, we hear a phone chat with the curator Alisa Blakeney and artists involved in the Noise Museum exhibition at the Heathcote Museum & Gallery including Elise Reitze, Phil Gamblen and Howard Melnyczuk


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