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Midnight Special

Thursdays 11-1am

A late night talk show that changes every week with a new host and a different topic.

Special guest/s will hang out live in studio, providing good chat and occasional performances between tunes. Or there’ll be a music-themed focus with a presenter taking the listener through a particular genre, era, band, geographical location, etc. We’ve had chefs talk about their favourite tunes, sound collage interviews about dreams, audio recordings from festivals, podcast episodes about MIDI tunes, on-air live karaoke, movie soundtrack focused shows, and so much more!

Whatever the week, you can always count on it being something special!

Forget sleep, stay up, and listen to the Midnight Special On RTRFM.

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Thu 29 Jun 2017 Listen

Your host is Miko Watanabe and it's a great episode of late night chat with the theme of 'noise'! In the first hour, Miko talks live in studio with Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd (from Boys Boys Boys) cranking out some strange musical noises and snappy answers to our regular segments. Then further on, we hear a phone chat with the curator Alisa Blakeney and artists involved in the Noise Museum exhibition at the Heathcote Museum & Gallery including Elise Reitze, Phil Gamblen and Howard Melnyczuk


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    Alisa Blakeney is a curator from Bunbury, Western Australia. She has made exhibitions happen at Paper Mountain, Heathcote Gallery, Compiler - New Cross, and the internet. She currently works as Exhibitions Curator at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, where you should hit her up if you want to join her book club.

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    Elise Reitze is a Perth percussionist, composer, sound and electronics artist. In 2011 Elise performed at the Perth CHOGM opening ceremony with Percussion Ensemble ‘Defying Gravity’. In 2012 Elise completed an internship with Chris Brady (Brady drums). In 2013 Elise was selected 1 of 12 artists for the Perth Proximity Festival, in which she composed the one-on-one work ‘Ours’ for percussion, voice and electronics. Elise was commissioned to write a piece for ‘The Sound Collectors’ PICA residency in July 2014 which involved developing an entirely new form of interactive electronics in which players’ movement were tracked and used to dynamically controlled a lighting design she developed. In 2014, Elise formed the electronic percussion duo ‘feels’ with percussionist Rosie Taylor. In 2015, Elise completed a studio residency at PICA in which she developed and built her installation ‘Adventure Tune’ in consultation with electrical engineer Joshua Eggins. Elise completed a Bachelor of music in February 2016 majoring in composition. In early 2016 Elise was selected as an artist for the 2016 Perth International Arts Festival emerging artists lab program. Elise is immersed in many styles of art, mixing disciplines whenever she has the chance – with a particular interest for Percussion and electronics. As an artist Elise like to push boundaries using technology with  an ultimate goal of making it an extension of her work, and something to compliment her music and sound.

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    Born in the UK in 1964. Migrated to Canada in 1966. Trained and worked as a gem cutter in the 1980's. Resettled in WA in 1991 after two years of travel. Graduated from Claremont School of Art in 1996 and Curtin University of Technology in 1998 with an Honours Degree in Fine Art, majoring in sculpture. Current artworks utilize motion and light to investigate technological aspects of today's culture, the overlap of art and science and the re-use of obsolete and discarded materials.

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