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Midnight Special

Thursdays 11-1am

A late night talk show that begins when midnight strikes.

Special guest/s will hang out live in studio, providing good chat and occasional performances between tunes. There’ll be a different host each week bringing their own experimental flourishes to the table, which includes pre-recorded audio of conversations, spoken word performances, fiction/non-fiction readings, stand-up comedy, and sound collages.

Forget sleep, stay up, listen in and take the Midnight Special.

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Thu 28 Sep 2017 Listen

Get your carbs on for this episode of The Midnight Special with you host Ai-Ling chatting to the pasta whisperer Joel Valvasori (Lulu La Delizia) and burger master Simon Kony (Short Order Burger Co).

What is pasta? … is it hard to make? what makes it good? what gives pasta bite? is fresh pasta better than dried pasta? Joel reveals all, as well as sharing the thought processes behind his food and looking at what it means to run a restaurant.

What was your burger journey? … what makes a good burger? what do you think about beetroot in burgers? what would you find in a Trump burger? Simon shares how his love of burgers turned into a business.

We also throw in some sandwich tales, brand mottos and how to combat zombies.

Guest select tunes includes some Top Gun, ending to The Sopranos, some soul and reimagined classic Beach Boys.

Tune into RTRFM at 11pm and hang out!


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