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Midnight Special

Thursdays 11-1am

A late night talk show that changes every week with a new host and a different topic.

Special guest/s will hang out live in studio, providing good chat and occasional performances between tunes. Or there’ll be a music-themed focus with a presenter taking the listener through a particular genre, era, band, geographical location, etc. We’ve had chefs talk about their favourite tunes, sound collage interviews about dreams, audio recordings from festivals, podcast episodes about MIDI tunes, on-air live karaoke, movie soundtrack focused shows, and so much more!

Whatever the week, you can always count on it being something special!

Forget sleep, stay up, and listen to the Midnight Special On RTRFM.

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Thu 7 Dec 2017 Listen

Your host Tristan Fidler takes you through two hours of Celebrity Music, the Best and Worst of when Film/TV actors try their hand at making music. Special guests include a Top 5 from Jericho Wallace (KAYO, Boys Boys Boys!) plus Willy Slade and Liz Walker taking us through their favourites as well as undergoing our Celebrity Music Jury Duty segment. So much fun promised - to paraphrase Jennifer Love Hewitt, how do you deal?


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