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Fridays 11am-12pm

Revolver is an ever-changing smorgasbord of broadcast delights, ranging from eclectic music programming to specialist talk shows, with new hosts each month.


March 2020: 20th Century Poetry in English with Eduardo Cossio
February 2020: French Music with Geraldine Rey

December 2019: Women in Jazz with Gemma Farrell
November 2019: Folk Revival with Em Burrows
October 2019: Sample City with Will Backler
September 2019: History of Concious Hip-Hop with Bec Bowman
August 2019: RADIOTHON
June 2019: Contemporary Classical with Bridget Cleary
July 2019: History of Synths with Eddie Electric
May 2019: Australia Votes with Chris Wheeldona & Danae Gibson
April 2019: Josh Fernandez Music from the World’s most Iconic Clubs
March 2019: Modern Feminist Music with Elle Cee
February 2019: Australian Experimental Music with Eduardo Cossio

December 2018: Shoegazing with Annie Morris
November 2018: We’re A Garage Band with David Redding
October 2018: History of Chicago Hardcore with Jackson Hawdon
September 2018: 30 Years of the Summer of Love with Graeme Watson
August 2018: Shades of Soul with Osric Powell
July 2018: Inside Outside with Miko Watanabe
June 2018: VHS Tracking Radio with Tristan Fiddler
May 2018: Mind Fuzz with Paisley Ray
April 2018: Latin Chronicle with Eduardo Cossio
March 2018: Music of Olympia with Libby Noble
February 2018: Highlife Time with Zoe Zarzicky

July 2017: Rub a Rub A Dub with Jesse Yuen and Ben Beverly
June 2017: Comedy Zeitgeist with Doug Vandelay
May 2017: Liminal Space with Aaron Main
April 2017: 40 Love with Kane Sutton
March 2017: Identity Dream with Coel Healy
February 2017: Love Songs on the Radio with Mike Tucak
January 2017: Mixing in the Pink with Roscoe Holyoake

December 2016: Butterfly Museum with Michael Terren
November 2016: In Love With These Times with Nelson Clegg
October 2016: Goodnight & Good Riddance with Dennis Gedling
September 2016: Let’s Talk About It with Xanthea O’Connor
August 2016: The Midnight Special with Tristan Fidler
July 2016: Lumpy Gravy with Adam Fox
June 2016: Derailroaded with Ben Yaxley
May 2016: 3rd Culture with Richard Maganga & Cat Paz
April 2016: Gutters & the Streets with Adam Christou
March 2016: The Midnight Special with Tristan Fidler

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