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Fridays 11am-12pm

Revolver is an ever-changing smorgasbord of broadcast delights, ranging from eclectic music programming to specialist talk shows, with new hosts each month.

February 2019: Around The Edges with Eduardo Cossio

Around The Edges delves into the world of Australian experimental music; looking at the work of pioneering figures, prominent musicians, and a new generation of artists expanding on the possibilities of sound.


August 2018: Shades of Soul with Osric Powell
July 2018: Inside Outside with Miko Watanabe
June 2018: VHS Tracking Radio with Tristan Fiddler
May 2018: Mind Fuzz with Paisley Ray
April 2018: Latin Chronicle with Eduardo Cossio
March 2018: Music of Olympia with Libby Noble
February 2018: Highlife Time with Zoe Zarzicky

July 2017: Rub a Rub A Dub with Jesse Yuen and Ben Beverly
June 2017: Comedy Zeitgeist with Doug Vandelay
May 2017: Liminal Space with Aaron Main
April 2017: 40 Love with Kane Sutton
March 2017: Identity Dream with Coel Healy
February 2017: Love Songs on the Radio with Mike Tucak
January 2017: Mixing in the Pink with Roscoe Holyoake

December 2016: Butterfly Museum with Michael Terren
November 2016: In Love With These Times with Nelson Clegg
October 2016: Goodnight & Good Riddance with Dennis Gedling
September 2016: Let’s Talk About It with Xanthea O’Connor
August 2016: The Midnight Special with Tristan Fidler
July 2016: Lumpy Gravy with Adam Fox
June 2016: Derailroaded with Ben Yaxley
May 2016: 3rd Culture with Richard Maganga & Cat Paz
April 2016: Gutters & the Streets with Adam Christou
March 2016: The Midnight Special with Tristan Fidler

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Fri 2 Mar 2018 Listen

During March on Revolver we are exploring the music of Olympia, Washington, This week we start with 1950's garage through to the birth of the Riot Grrl movement.


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