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Rock, Rattle & Roll

Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

Your Tuesday night twang-shebang, Rock, Rattle ‘n’ Roll brings you the finest in classic rock’n’roll, surf music, rockabilly and sixties garage.

Playing classic cuts as well as a host of lesser known but just as great hidden gems, local, national and international. Your regular Tuesday night record hop is a place where hep cats and cool chicks can hang, chill or get revved up.

So you guys, get on your crepes and drapes and girls, throw on that retro dress, get your hair roll mopped up, push the furniture to the side of the living room and get dancing!

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Tue 24 Oct 2017 Listen

Razor's Mystery Train guest tonight is one half of The Scientists' wild, rockin' guitar onlslaught. He's right-handed, and pictured on the left. Tony Thewlis shares some of the rock n roll records that first inspired him to pick up a guitar and move to swampland.


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