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Rockin’ The Roots

Sundays 4pm-6pm

Exploring the world of roots music in all of its various incarnations, including folk and Americana, roots reggae, and elements of world music.

Drawing inspiration from traditional folks and blues, with splashes of jazz and regional influences such as Zydeco, Appalachian, Cajun, Creole, Afro-Carribean and New Orleans swamp music, Rockin’ the Roots bundle it all up and repackage it with a contemporary spin.

Featuring regular interviews and performances from touring acts Rockin’ the Roots also unearths Perth’s local talent and offers a gig guide to let you know where to catch the hottest roots gigs around town.


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Sun 2 Apr 2017 Listen

In this edition of Rockin the Roots, Benjamin is visited by all 8 Members of the Bambusea Rhythm section who play two big songs of jazz-funk wildness. A lot of newish music is played, and a bunch of great releases from 2017 already.

I want to credit the amazing blog for leading me to music both really good and really weird

And big thank you to the crate diggers at Chances With Wolves
especially for their PENGUIN DUST series on soundcloud where I found some great things.


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