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Siamese Dream

Mondays 9pm-11pm

In the 90s, “alternative” became the buzz-word used to sell everything from fashion to fast food, and the word “indie” truly departed from its dictionary definition as music released on an independent label.

During the 90s, indie became a worldwide phenomenon. Siamese Dream traces this history back to its roots, working through indie rock, grunge, lo-fi, Britpop, shoegaze, post-rock, electronica, trip hop and more.

Digging through the rubble to bring you not just the indie crossover hits from the 90s, but also the vanguard tracks of the 80s and in-depth investigation of lesser-known artists and nuggets from the era where flannel and corduroy ruled, Siamese Dream remembers a time before skinny jeans and haircuts took over – when playing it loose, loud and messy was the only way.

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Mon 17 Jul 2017 Listen

Exploring some 90's electronic and dance styles - trip hop, breakbeat and some big beat (early Fatboy Slim). Turntable difficulties prevented the full set, so we had some good ol' guitar music too, including rare tracks from Jebediah, Drop City and Stone Roses. With Mike Tucak.



  • Cover of Something For Kate, who in return covered Jebediah's "Harpoon", which were included on a split-double 7-inch vinyl and on each of the band's EPs. 

    Here's the quote from Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate): 

    "In true Jebediah style, it has a lot of energy and it's a lot poppier. I think it has more appeal than the original. When we listen to our version of it, it drags. It's muddy. And then you hear the Jebediah version and it automatically puts a smile on your face. It just picks you up. You could jump off stages to their version."

  • A non-album track, released in 1993 between the band's 1992 "Revenge of the Goldfish" album and their 1994 album.

  • B-side to the 1994 "Hard to Smile" single, sharing the b-side of the 7-inch vinyl single with a cover of Galaxie 500's "Tell Me" - all three tracks produced by Sandpit's Greg Wales.


  •  Greg Wales' band, with Stephanie Ashworth on bass, who went on to join Something For Kate.

  • Remix by Charlie Clouser (Nine Inch Nails).

  • Perth producer Shane Norton




  • B-side to the "I Wanna Be Adored" 12-inch single

  • B-side to the "Waterfall" 12-inch single

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