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Saturdays 9pm-11pm

Trainwreck (n.)
1. An incident in which a train is severely damaged, 2. Something or someone that has suffered ruin or calamity, 3. A sudden and disastrous halt in a DJ set, causing general unplanned mayhem on the dancefloor.

You’ll rarely hear trainwrecks when you tune to RTRFM on a Saturday night, 9-11pm. Featuring everything from underground house to techno, bass, ambient electronica, hip hop, drum’n’bass, trap and beyond, Trainwreck sees some of Perth’s finest tune selectors hosting a slew of A+ local talent and occasional touring guests.

Straight from the clubs to your ears, each week features a live guest set from talented DJs, producers, emcees and electronic acts, plus interviews see us delving deep into their basements.

Also the latest news on upcoming events and enough quality diverse electronica to ensure your Saturday night goes off without a trainwreck.

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