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Wednesdays 10:30am-10:45am

In ecology, the understorey grows where light shines through the forest canopy.

Our award-winning Understorey journalists highlight local and globally-connected environmental issues that the other media commonly pass over.

Uncover insights about our precious world biodiversity hotspot, the South West, our life on the Swan Coastal Plain, and multiple environmental issues that cross our continent and connect across our globe. RTRFM’s long-running dedicated environment program makers Adrian Glamorgan and Elizabeth PO’ bring together stories from near and sometimes afar, whether it be conservationists rehabilitating habitat, citizen scientists gathering data, campaigners at the frontline, or decision-makers at their desks, seeking solutions together to the challenges affecting our shared air, water, land and life processes.

Expect trails less travelled, from suburban backyards and nature strips, to threatened urban bushland, wondrous wetlands, and connective cities. Travel the wide open woodlands, clean up beaches, assess abandoned minesites and their policies, plan a post-fossil future, follow yellowcake to broken nuclear reactors, hear from delegates in the foyer of climate talks, and check out an invertebrate that lives most of its life underground: there’s always more to explore with Understorey.

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