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From Podcast: Midnight Special

Best Of Midnight Special 2018!

Friday 8th February / presented by Tristan Fidler

Welcome to the relaunching of Midnight Special as its very own official RTRFM podcast!

Yes, our late night chat show is now available to download and stream from the RTRFM website and any podcast app you might be using. New episodes will collect the great chats we have on our show between different hosts and special guests for your listening pleasure!

For our first podcast episode, your host Tristan Fidler presents the Best Of Midnight Special 2018, offering a special episode that assembles clips and excerpts from our favourite episodes in 2018. Across our different hosts - including Ai-Ling Truong, Ben Yaxley, Lauren Salt, Erin Puccinelli, Zoe Zarzycki, Coel Healy and Maggie Salad - are many great topics and special guests including Paul Iskov aka Yoda, Axel Carrington (New Talk), House Of Bok karaoke, the Happy Girls, the Museum of Water, Balinup Medieval Carnival, Albert Pritchard (New Nausea), Adam Trainer (Original Past Life), Bridget Turner (Simone and Girlfunkle), Drew Kraplnajov (Ryan Beno), ZĀN and a lot more.

Episode 91, originally broadcast on Thursday December 28th - Friday December 29th, 2019. Full episodes of Midnight Special available on our Mixcloud page.

Theme music 'Martini Spoke' by Leafy Suburbs. Logo by Soda. Production assistance from Chris Webb.

You can listen using the play audio button. If you are on the Midnight Special podcast page you can download the podcast. The page is here.

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All live musical performances are included in our podcasts with the express permission of artists, who reserve all other rights in their music. All music used in our podcasts is licensed under an APRA Community Broadcasting license agreement.

From Midnight Special Podcast

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Midnight Special is a late night chat show with a different talented host each week. Special guests – the best guests ever – will sit down for a casual, loose conversation on the mic, either live in the studio or pre-recorded at earlier hours.

From musicians, writers, artists, actors, comedians and whoever has an interesting story to tell, the Midnight Special is an opportunity to go beyond the stock questions and understand the creative people in and around (and even outside of) Perth in deeper ways.

Tune in to hang out. Broadcasts Thursdays at 11 pm on RTRFM 92.1


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Best Of Midnight Special 2018!

Friday 8th February

Best Of Midnight Special 2018!

Welcome to the relaunching of Midnight Special as its very own official RTRFM podcast! Yes, our […]

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