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RTRFM Most Played Tracks – First Half of 2019

Monday 22nd July / posted by Will Backler

2019 started with a bang here at RTRFM with a slew of great releases that we were excited to share with you! Halfway through the year we have decided to crunch the numbers and revisit our most played tracks of the year so far.

RTRFM isn't play-listed meaning that presenters have complete autonomy over the track selections in their shows and don't get given songs or artists to play. Therefore this list is a good representation of what songs, releases and artists have stood out from the crowd and garnered the attention of listeners across Western Australia. With approximately 35,040 different songs being played across the station there is some overlap on the play-count of songs however it displays the variety of styles to be heard on RTRFM.

The most played song at RTRFM so far comes from Perth's own synth-pop outfit GAZEY with their up-beat and energetic track 'Sleep' with 46 plays across the station, just beating another Perth artist by 2 plays, rising superstar Stella Donnelly with her track 'Old Man'

What is clear is a large local showing with 13 of the top 15 most played songs coming from WA artists.

Other stats of note were that of the top 55 played tracks 73% were West Australian artists, 13% were Australian artists and 9% were overseas artists, with 60% of the total tracks come from female artists or female-fronted acts.

1. GAZEY - Sleep 

2. Stella Donnelly - Old Man 

3. Flossy - Holiday  

4. Julia Jacklin - Pressure To Party 

5. Carla Geneve - 2001 

6. Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks - Rosemary Mushrooms 

6. Web Rumors - Sinner 

8. Pond - Daisy 

9. Carla Geneve - Yesterday's Clothes 

9. Demon Days - Hands-Free 

11. Stephen Bailey  - Hyde 

12. Jamilla - Bloom 

13. Cuss - Never Again 

13. Noname - Song 32 

15. Material World Orchestra - Lost In The Future 

16. Sampa The Great - Final Form 

17. Denise Le Menice - Heart 

17. Methyl Ethyl - Trip The Mains 

17. Your Girl Pho - Five Thirty PM 

20. Aldous Harding - The Barrel 

20. Oosterbanger - Head Is A Junkyard 

22. Izatang - Carpet Burns 

22. Sampa The Great - Energy 

22. Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen 

22. Stella Donnelly - Tricks 

26. Aldous Harding - Fixture Picture 

26. Fourth State - Lost In Dreams 

26. Terrible Signal - Man If You Saw Me In The Street 

29. Abbe May - Fuck You 

29. Body Type - Stingray 

29. Carla Geneve - Greg's Discount Chemist 

29. Carla Geneve - Red Rocks 

29. Diger Rokwell - Shi 

29. Hyclass - Queen 

29. Silver Hills - Indian Ocean 

29. Your Girl Pho - Manipulate (feat. Chiseko) 

37. Butter - Hocus Pocus 

37. Denise Le Menice - Stars 

37. Grievous Bodily Calm - Alchemise 

37. Grievous Bodily Calm - Footwork 

37. Skullcave - Offend, Repeat 

37. The Spring Peaks - Coming Of Age 

43. Boox Kid - It's Just A Dream, Wake Up 

43. Cruel Noon - Slow (feat. Your Girl Pho) 

43. Erasers - Horizon Line 

43. Ghost Care - Another 

43. Grace Barbe - Afro Sega 

43. Little Lord Street - Maybe I'm Just In Love 

43. Pond - Tasmania 

43. Shy Time - Check Break 

43. Stella Donnelly - Lunch 

43. Superego - Burn 

43. Tanya Harper - Graceless 

43. Tropical Fuck Storm - The Planet Of Straw Men 

43. Turtle Bay Television - Everyone's High 

All live musical performances are included in our podcasts with the express permission of artists, who reserve all other rights in their music. All music used in our podcasts is licensed under an APRA Community Broadcasting license agreement.

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