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Talk the Talk: Mailbag of Welcome

Tuesday 29th October / presented by Hedvig Skirgård Daniel Midgley Ben Ainslie

Blog post with show notes

Welcome to our mailbag, where all the really great questions come from.

  • Why do we say "You're welcome"?
  • How can 'varelse' mean 'a being' in Swedish, but 'a room' in Danish?
  • In sci-fi, what happens when the universal translator breaks?
  • Is there any reason to study conlangs?
  • How can you overcome problems with finding the right word?
  • Is the word 'datatainment' for real?

All will be answered on this episode of Talk the Talk.

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Talk the Talk is RTRFM’s weekly show about linguistics, the science of language.

Linguists Daniel Midgley and Hedvig Skirgård and smart person Ben Ainslie tackle language change, language tech, new words, society, minority languages, language and the mind, and much more.

Daniel teaches linguistics at the University of Western Australia. Hedvig is a linguist at ANU studying Pacific languages. Ben teaches media studies to the next generation of Western Australia’s secondary school students. Together, they look at language in all its variety and splendour while listening to some great tunes.


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