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The Moorditj Mag Podcast: Ep #20

Friday 20th March / presented by Jim Morrison

This week brings another edition of the Moorditj Mag Podcast, where Jim continues last week's discussion of Yokai and their efforts to aid Stolen Generation peoples, including discussion with WA Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation employee and Bringing Them Home Committee board member Laura Elkin and Yokai board members Lorraine Woods and Bryan Councillor.

The podcast also discusses the recent news of the Victorian redress scheme for Stolen Generation people, and how it relates or ought to relate to Stolen Generation people in other parts of the country.

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A weekly look at Indigenous Affairs both nationally and locally with Jim Morrison, Nick Abraham and Jodi Hoffman. The show was founded by Jim and Wayne Bynder.

Jim, Nick and Jodi are Noongar who are dedicated to the preservation of their culture and the healing of their people through positive and consistent empowerment of Aboriginal people.

Join us as they delve into Aboriginal culture, talks, arts and laughs.

Produced by Jim Morrison, Nick Abraham, Jodi Hoffman and Danae Gibson.
Editing by Damon Sutton.
Thanks to Jorja Keay and Jeff Bullen.


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