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RTRFM is a community radio station broadcasting in Perth, Western Australia. RTRFM is a non-profit, membership-based organisation.

We are an independent community-owned media company presenting a diverse range of music and talks programs with a heavy emphasis on supporting Western Australian cultural creativity. Broadcasting 24/7 we seek to be Perth’s independent voice for music, arts and current affairs and to amplify the stories of Western Australians, within our own communities and to the world at large.

New Program Submissions

RTRFM is seeking new program proposals from members and the general public.

This year we have expanded the program submission process and are considering different types of submissions:

  • New On-Air Program – A new program broadcast weekly in a 2-hour format that can be sustainable in the long term with a strong and knowledgeable collective.
  • Short Series Format – A series of one-hour programs with a theme and a limited number of episode. A good example is the RTRFM show ‘Revolver’ (Friday 11am) which curates short series format content. The short series format can also provide a testing ground for new on-air programs.
  • Podcast – A podcast style of broadcast for distribution from the RTRFM website and distribution services (e.g. iTunes). The format could be talk show, interview, review, special interest etc. (NOTE: currently there are a number of copyright restrictions that prohibit non-local music podcasts so music podcasts are not a focus).

2019 Timeline

  • Submissions due: December  2018
  • Final decisions announced: First Quarter of 2019
  • Programs commence: First Quarter of 2019

Simply e-mail if you would like a Program Submission Form or have any questions. If you have made recently submitted and idea for a podcast or program please make contact for an update on progress if we have not got back to you already.