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Slightly Odway

Wednesday 12th December

Slightly Odway: King Cornelius and the Silverbacks VS The Marigolds

“When you love a song so much – as soon as you know the notes and […]

Wednesday 5th December

Slightly Odway: Leon Osborn V Terrible Signal

“I’ve known Vin for a quite a long time – I guess I kept finding myself […]

Wednesday 28th November

Slightly Odway: Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble V Jacob Diamond

“It was hard to find a song that worked on these traditional instruments – we had […]

Wednesday 14th November

Slightly Odway: Man Sandal V Noah Dillion

“When Noah first released the song I was obsessed with it, the first time I heard […]

Wednesday 7th November

Slightly Odway: Yomiship v Mudlark

“Sco-Mo’s another good candidate” Not in the way you think though… Nick and Jarred Osborne from […]

Wednesday 31st October

Slightly Odway: Catzilla V Hoodoo Gurus

“That’s a classic album but if people think of the Hoodoo Gurus they mostly think of […]

Wednesday 24th October

Slightly Odway: Kopano V Tanaya Harper

“I just love how really honest she is when she writes, but also she manages to […]

Wednesday 26th September

Slightly Odway: The Limbs v Jebediah

“We were playing at Badlands a little while ago and music videos were playing up on […]

Wednesday 19th September

Slightly Odway: Didion’s Bible V Turnstyle

“What is spraying water on the stereo but the ultimate transgressive act against authority – I […]

Wednesday 4th July

Slightly Odway: Alex Arpino Vs The Triffids

“There’s just something about it that resonated” Taking it back to the time when The Triffids […]

Wednesday 20th June

Slightly Odway: Tanaya Harper Vs Little Birdy

Slightly Odway sees a local act play a West Australian song live in the Breakfast with […]

Wednesday 9th May

Slightly Odway: Ruby Boots vs The Waifs

“You can go to their show anywhere in the world and the whole crowd will sing […]

Wednesday 25th April

Slightly Odway: Em Burrows Vs The Stems

This morning’s edition of Slightly Odway was brought to you by Em Burrows. Em assembled bandmates […]

Wednesday 18th April

Slightly Odway: Terrible Signal Vs The Triffids

“What can you say about The Triffids that hasn’t already been said – they’re phenomenal. A […]

Wednesday 4th April

Slightly Odway: Jack Davies Vs Carla Geneve

“It’s everything I want to create in a song” #SlightlyOdway was heartwarming AF this morning with […]